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The True Path Towards Mental Health

When the German Depression foundation released the 2018 Depression Barometer, containing a wide statistic sample of 5000 interviewed people, we found out that depression has spread arround our country -and the world- like it had never before: it is estimated that depression will rise from 17,3% of the population to 28% by 2028.

The reasons behind this rise are quite obvious:

- Society has build very high spectations from it´s own people, we live in a world where we would intentionally bump into another person just to get a hold of human interaction.

- The economical focus has become one of the prime life´s goals, this has resulted in overworked, frustrated people that are obsessed with climbing the economical ladder.

- We have lost our contact with nature, we live in dense concrete jungles, we have changed the green trees and blue lakes for grey buildings and grey streets.

- We have lost touch with art: nowadays you have to go to a museum, gallery, concert or exposition to get in touch with art and culture. We have forgotten that we were once surrounded by art.

This wide de-naturalized situation is causing a rising wave of stress amongst humanity, and now is the time for action: we have to make it stop!

At Kloster Malgarten we consider it necessary to develop accessible spaces where people can reconnnect with all of the factors previously lost. Nature re-connection has become an invaluable asset towards stress relief:

- We need spaces where we can walk barefoot, breathe clean air and be surrounded by nature.

- We need spaces where we can relax, meditate and clear our minds.

- We need spaces where we can interact with cultural offers: we must be able to enjoy art again.

If we don´t start caring now for our mental health it could get too late.

Post by: Johann Kampsen - 18.10.2023 Kloster Malgarten

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